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Connective tissues are specialized tissues, which provide support and hold the body’s tissues together. Connective tissue is made up of a small fraction of cells and a majority of extracellular substance which keeps the cells separated. The two types of cells found in connective tissue include fibrocytes (or ...

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band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally ... diagnostic test that measures the electrical activity within muscle fibers in response to nerve ...

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Aug 09, 2013 · The nemertean pilidium is a long-lived feeding larva unique to the life cycle of a single monophyletic group, the Pilidiophora, which is characterized by this innovation. That the pilidium feeds on small planktonic unicells seems clear; how it does so is unknown and not readily inferred, because it shares little morphological similarity with other planktotrophic larvae. Using high-speed video ...

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Which is the best explanation regarding the foundations of american government_

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Pipe Hanger: A device which is suspended from a structure and is used to carry the piping load in tension. Pipe Hanger Assembly: A general term used to describe a series of assembled components which make up a Pipe Hanger, Pipe Support, Restraint, Anchor, Guide, etc.

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The centrosome is the organelle that contains two centrioles. Whereas centromere is a highly constricted region on the chromosome. A centrosome is a microtubule-organizing centre, whereas, centromere holds together the sister chromatids in a replicated chromosome.

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An adhesion is a fibrous band holding structures together abnormally. Which term means an abnormally fast heartbeat? Tachycardia is the term for an abnormally fast heartbeat.

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The lateral femoral condyle is abnormally small, and therefore is considered dysplastic. Instead of the normal angular relationship of the distal femur relative to the femoral shaft (average, 9° valgus), the alignment of the condyles in a valgus knee is commonly 12° valgus to as much as 20° valgus to the anatomic axis of the femur.

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The molecules in a solid are closely packed together and contain the least amount of kinetic energy. A solid is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to a force applied to the surface. Unlike a liquid, a solid object does not flow to take on the shape of its container, nor does it expand to fill the entire available volume like a gas.

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The medical term used to define “surgical removal of fascia.” Introduction: Fascia is a type of thin band of tissue that is present below the skin. It is involved in covering the underlying tissues and supporting the muscles.

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The preamble to the bill of rights says that government is more effective when
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band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally and can form in muscles or internal organs as the results of an injury or surgery Term anticholinergic

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The signals are converted into images on a video screen, allowing health care providers to see structures inside the body. Biceps ultrasound may help identify biceps tendon problems. Continued

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A ball is thrown into the air from the top of a building the height h(t)

Fiber optic links require a method to connect the transmitter to the fiber optic cable and the fiber optic cable to the receiver. In general, there are two methods to link optical fibers together. II.3.1 Fusion Splice The first method is called a fusion splice. This operation consists of directly linking two fibers by

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Tendon definition, a cord or band of dense, tough, inelastic, white, fibrous tissue, serving to connect a muscle with a bone or part; sinew. See more.

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Jan 29, 2018 · Standing-wave resonant switches are discussed in this tutorial to describe how they could compete with the traveling-wave MRR devices. Such standing-wave devices deploy photonic-crystal (1D PhC) waveguides having a “forbidden band” which becomes a spectral transmission band in 2 × 2 structures.

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A diagnostic test involving recording the electrical activity within muscle fibers in response to nerve stimulation is known as . electromyography Sarcopenia is a band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally. Glossary of Medical Terms - Ophthalmology . At East Valley Ophthalmology, we enjoy sharing information about eye care. Below is a list of common eye-related medical terminology and definitions to help you in understanding all aspects of your eye care and eye surgery.

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The septomarginal trabecula (or moderator band) is a bridge-type trabecula that extends from the interventricular septum to the base of the anterior papillary muscle. Its importance lies in the fact that it contains Purkinje fibers from the right limb of the atrioventricular bundle (cf. fig. 23-8).

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The septomarginal trabecula (or moderator band) is a bridge-type trabecula that extends from the interventricular septum to the base of the anterior papillary muscle. Its importance lies in the fact that it contains Purkinje fibers from the right limb of the atrioventricular bundle (cf. fig. 23-8).

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This is a broad term which refers to any abnormality of structure or function in any body part. Examples include: wounds, infections, and tumors. Lockjaw : Tetanus, a disease in which the jaws become firmly locked together. Also called trismus, tetanus. Lues

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